The Button

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Welcome to my blog for my final year project - The Button.

Production Has Stopped Till Further Notice

The Idea For The Animation
There is a large red button in the middle of a room of a museum on a pedestal, (this is based on the “Big Red Button Syndrome”). Around the museum will be signs saying do now touch the art work also around the pedestal will be a red velvet rope to indicate that you are not to touch, but due to the “Big Red Button Syndrome” when a man walks past he has the uncontrollable urge to touch it but due to the signs and rope he feels that he shouldn’t. After much deliberation and conflict in his head he then presses the button and nervously starts to look around to find that nothing has happened, the screen then goes black and we hear an explosion then the scene comes back on screen and the audience see a destroyed room with a very black soot covered man.

Meaning Behind The Animation
The “Big Red Button Syndrome” is a debilitating condition wherein the sufferer is irresistibly tempted to do something they really ought not to. It is human nature to be curious to what things in the world do (this is more so in men then woman), and when told not to do something it’s because of this curious nature that it becomes harder to stop yourself from doing it.
The man in the animation is being told not to touch the button, he also knows (from life and how we are brought up) that a red button means something bad, be it an alarm or some other form of warning as well the color red.

In this blog i will upload all my work as i create it, i will be uploading videos, pictures information about the project and how it is progressing and what is said in meetings with my mentor.

At the end of this project i am hoping to have a fantastic peace of animations to put onto my showreel to take to job interviews.

i hope that you all like what you see here and i will be doing a weekly update as well as a update when needed so keep checking back, also please note that this is not like a normal blog this page will always appear as the first page so please click on the tabs at the top just like a normal website rather then a blog.

Ashley Stringer

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